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Tuesday 19th June

Doubles KO

Venue: Railway Club


Thursday 21st June

AGM & Registration



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Welcome to the ACPL


Welcome to The Ashford Charity Pool League



 Registration and AGM (21/06/18)



The ACPL 2018 Summer League will consist of the Singles Knockout competition, for which you must register on Registration/AGM Night. We will be registering the following:

• Teams for The ACPL 2018 Winter League

• Players for the Singles Knockout (to be played Thursdays)

• Pairs for Doubles Knockout (to be played Tuesdays)



The format of the evening will be as follows:

Apologies from the Secretary for non attendance

Speech from The Chairman

Speech from The ACPL Treasurer


• Proposals:

The ACPL There is a proposal to change the way points are awarded. The current match format is 15 games, played as 3 sets. Each team is awarded 1 point for each win and 3 points to the winning team. Although the format is to remain the same, the proposal is to change the points system as follows:

-> 1 point to be awarded for each game won

-> 1 point to be awarded to the winning team of each set

-> 2 points awarded to the overall winning team

The idea is to bring the points between the top and bottom of the league closer


• Open Questions:

Should Doubles Knockout competition be cash prizes or trophies


• Questions from the floor


• Any other Business



*** Upcoming Events at ACPL Venues***


Karaoke : Beaver Inn : Saturday 28th July : From 7:30




For event details don't forget to Follow us on: Facebook Logo



If any team are unable to upload their result via the website member login, email (mailto: results@the acpl.co.uk) or unable to text to any committee member, you can drop the score sheet to the ROSE INN