Ashford (Kent) & District Charity Pool League

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Winter 2016 Singles Knockouts
Registration is now closed 
Well done to Matt Brown and Darren Dowsey for making it through to the final
The final will be the best of 9 and will start at 8pm
We are also hosting the Doubles Knockout Final on the same night, so we hope as many of you can make it
as possible - to help show support for the ACPL, and players involved
Games will start 8pm
Click HERE for the DOUBLES Fixtures
  Preliminary Round: 18/08/2016

Winning player goes through to Knockout round


    Knockout Round: 22/09/2016

Winner of Game 1 plays winner of Game 2

  Gavin Griggs Gavin Griggs     G1 Matt Pearce Rob Luckhurst  
  Kev North     Rob Luckhurst  
  Rail Club     Rail Club Rob Luckhurst Rob Luckhurst  
      Dean Wilson  
  Paul Williams Paul Williams     G2 Dean Wilson Dean Wilson Rail Club  
  Dan Russell     Dave Ralph  
  Rail Club     Rail Club  
  David Crust * Matt Pearce      
  Matt Pearce     G1 Matt Brown Matt Brown  
  Rail Club     Bob Smith  
      Dukes Head Matt Brown Matt Brown  
      Stuart Partner  
  Larry Roye Dean Wilson     G2 Stuart Partner Stuart Partner Dukes Head  
  Dean Wilson     Gavin Orris  
  Dukes Head     Dukes Head  
  Kim Hatch Jason Buss      
  Jason Buss     G1 Gavin Griggs Gavin Griggs  
  Dukes Head     Chris Wesson  
      Albion Gavin Griggs Lewis Horne  
  Tom Hughes Tom Hughes     Lewis Horne  
  John Shellock *     G2 Paul Williams Lewis Horne Albion  
  Dukes Head     Lewis Horne  
  Georgie Riccardi Mick Burkin      
  Mick Burkin     G1 Joe Taylor Paul Caddy  
  Albion     Paul Caddy  
      Ashford Club  
  Dave Clarke Dave Clarke     Paul Caddy Paul Caddy  
  Jake North     G2 Alan Hook Alan Hook Alan Hook  
  Albion     Andy Playle Ashford Club  
      Ashford Club  
  Chris Wesson Chris Wesson      
  Martin Riccardi *      
  Albion     G1 Dion Orris Dion Orris  
      Tommy Hughes  
      Beaver Inn  
  Larry Law * Matt Brown     Dion Orris Darren Dowsey  
  Matt Brown     G2 Darren Dowsey Darren Dowsey Darren Dowsey  
  Ashford Club     Mick Burkin Beaver Inn  
      Beaver Inn  
  Stuart Partner Stuart Partner      
  Tony Collins      
  Ashford Club     G1 Nick Peacock Nick Peacock  
      Rob Newton  
  Joe Taylor Joe Taylor     Alfred Nick Peacock Nick Peacock  
  Graham Luckhurst     Bob Fisher  
  Ashford Club     G2 Bob Fisher Bob Fisher Alfred  
      Dave Jones  
  Alan Hook Alan Hook      
  Simon Scott      
  Beaver Inn     G1 Sara Jones Dave Mabb  
      Dave Mabb  
  Paddy Mellett Dion Orris     Rose Dave Mabb Gary Foster  
  Dion Orris     Gary Foster  
  Beaver Inn     G2 Gary Foster Gary Foster Rose  
      Matt Russel  
  Dave Jones * Dave Jones     Rose  
  Martin Lane      
  Beaver Inn      
      G1 Jason Buss No show  
      James Williams  
  Darren Dowsey Darren Dowsey     Fish Inn Jason Buss Jason Buss  
  Kyle Bryant *     Dave Clarke  
  Alfred     G2 Dave Clarke No show Fish Inn  
      Phil Clarke  
  Lloyd Fuller Lewis Horn     Fish Inn  
  Lewis Horn                  
  Andy Playle Adny Playle                  
  Nigel Tiltman     Semi + Quarter Final: 27/10/2016

Winner of Game 1 plays winner of Game 2

Best of 7
  Aiden Light Bob Fisher      
  Bob Fisher      
  Rose     G1 Rob Luckhurst Matt Brown  
      Matt Brown  
  Gary Foster Gary Foster     Rail Club Matt Brown Matt Brown  
  Ted Wood     Lewis Horne  
  Rose     G2 Lewis Horne Lewis Horne Rail Club  
      Paul Caddy  
  Nick Peacock * Nick Peacock     Rail Club  
  Phil Witts      
      G3 Darren Dowsey Darren Dowsey  
      Nick Peacock  
  Rob Smith Rob Luckhurst     Ashford Club Darren Dowsey Darren Dowsey  
  Rob Luckhurst *     Gary Foster  
  Fish Inn     G4 Gary Foster Gary Foster Ashford Club  
      Jason Buss  
  Alan Servante Paul Caddy     Ashford Club  
  Paul Caddy                  
  Fish Inn  
  Rob Newton Rob Newton          
  Julius Samson     Final: 17/11/2016

  Fish Inn      
  Matt Brown Winner  
          Darren Dowsey  
  The following players have a bye to
through to the next round 
    Ashford Rail Club  
  Sara Jones  
  Phil Clarke  
  Matt Russell  
  Dave Mabb  
  Gavin Orris  
  James Williams  
  Bob Smith  
  Dave Ralph