Ashford (Kent) & District Charity Pool League

Supporting Local Charities



  Beaver A -     2016 Knockout  
  BYE -      
  Ash Club A -  
  Bye -   The format of the team knockouts is best of 15 (first to 8)
      Quarter Final
        It is up to the venue whether food will be provided
05/05/2016 If it is not an open table, each team will pay for alternate games
  Alfred 8     Beaver A 0  
  George 5     Ash Club A 8  
  AIS&SC     Alfred   Semi Final
  Rail Club C 5     Alfred 7     Ash Club A 8  
  Rail Club B 8     Rail Club B 8     Rail Club B 4   30/06/2016
  Railway Club     Railway Club     Ashford Club          
                          Ash Club A 8  
  Ahs Club B 6  
                          Ashford Club  
  Rose B 2     Albion 8     Albion 2          
  Albion 8     Rail Club A 4     Ash Club B 8  
  Fish Inn     Albion     Ashford Club  
  Rail Club A 8     Ash Club B 8  
  Beaver B 0     AIS&SC 6    
  Rose Inn     Beaver    
  Fish Inn 1  
  Ash Club B 8  
  Beaver Inn   Cancelled Games
        It is the responsibility of the cancelling team to contact BOTH the other team captain AND the Venue
  AIS&SC 8  
  Rose A 4