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Tuesday 10th

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Thursday 1st December

Start of Summer 2017 Season



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In 2015/16 the Pool League has collected in total from the charity pots £414.50 and £430.00 plus registration fees totalling £450 and £470

This season the ACPL has adopted two charities, one of which is the Weald Society for the Disabled who have accepted our donation of £850.00. This money will help to upgrade the existing holiday chalet, such as new windows, a new wet room and upgrading furniture. The chalet is used for carers and parents of disabled family members – we hope to bring you some photo’s soon

The other recipient is Wyvern School, a special needs school in Ashford, who have accepted our offer to buy three specially adapted bicycles/trikes, currently totalling £850.00

We have also planned to start construction of a storage area at the Wyvern School for the adapted bicycles, which is planned for early in the new year. The ACPL will endeavour to purchase more of these bikes over the coming year. This project will be ongoing for the foreseeable future. Again, we are expecting to receive some photo’s soon

Also in the new year, a Charity Quiz night is planned for February to generate monies for further charities – venue and date to follow


We are delighted to announce that we have now appointed Julie Sutton as our new Charity Organiser. Julie will be dedicated to researching worthy local causes, whether it is a recognised charity, or a local person in need of help

Ideally, we would like to help local people that are known to members of the ACPL to make this a truly worthwhile local charity league; be it a mobility scooter, specialised disabled equipment or a mini-break for a carer

Of course we can’t promise to help everyone, but if you know someone in need of a little assistance, your first port of call is Julie

If you have any ideas concerning fundraising (ie. BBQ, charity auction, summer fair, xmas fair, boot sale etc) please contact Julie: charity@theacpl.co.uk

We would love to hear from you……….